Check risk points Avoid electrical short circuits.


          The leading cause of fires is electrical short circuits. Because we often forget to pay attention to electrical equipment in the home. Especially if it's a house that's just been built. We often think that it definitely shouldn't happen to our house. But did you know that? To cause an electrical short circuit It can occur for many reasons. And there's a chance it could happen at any time! In this article, Lekise will invite you to check risk points within the home. that should be checked regularly To avoid electrical short circuits, know this in advance so you can use it to solve problems in your home. For the safety of you and your loved ones, what will there be? Let's go see.

1. Grounding

           'Dangerous to life If you don't install a ground wire', many people have heard this sentence. But I wasn't paying attention to the point of neglecting to install the ground wire. because they saw that various electrical appliances The inside of the house can still be used normally even without installing a ground wire. But did you know? that the grounding connection It is considered an electrical installation. Important to the safety of using electrical appliances in the home. Because if there is an electrical leak Electricity flows directly into the body. But if installing a ground wire will help increase safety. Let the electric current leak into the ground instead. The ground wire is usually installed in the electrical control cabinet that can automatically cut off the circuit.


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2. Still using the old style light cutout.

           Fire control equipment It is considered a device that should be installed in the electrical system for safety. When a short circuit occurs if you still use the old power cutout. Electricity must be cut or connected using a lifting-down method. Therefore it will not automatically cut off work when a short circuit occurs. which is dangerous to life and property Should be changed to use an electrical control cabinet with RCBO and MCB circuit breakers to automatically cut off electricity. Because when there are electrical leakage, electric shock, overload and short circuit events. The breaker will automatically cut off the power. Change and guarantee more safety.


3. Damaged electrical appliances or light bulbs

           All electrical appliances or lighting devices have a lifespan. If you use electrical appliances or light bulbs for too long until they deteriorate You should frequently check for abnormalities while in use. In the case of electrical appliances, they should be inspected regularly. If there is a burning smell or abnormal operation Or in areas where the wires are bent or have torn insulation, because this may cause the electrical charge to not travel easily and accumulate as heat until causing a short circuit. or electrical leakage is dangerous while in use If it's a light bulb, notice that the light vibrates, flashes, or makes a buzzing sound when turned on. or the lamp cap starts to turn black It is considered a signal to change the light bulb.


4. Lamps outside the house

           This is a point that should not be neglected. Whether it's a field lamp, a pole lamp, or a street lamp because it's a lamp that must connect the wires outside. Therefore, you should always check and take care of it. Because it must be exposed to both sun and rain, causing the wires to deteriorate. Until causing an electric current leak. It is recommended to change to use solar cell type outdoor lamps. To avoid connecting electrical wires to the outside, it's both safe and also helps save on electricity costs.



5. Use power strips correctly.

           Before buying a power strip Notice how many watts of electricity the power strip can support? And you should plug in electrical appliances not exceeding the wattage specified by the power strip. You should not use power strips to plug in continuously. You should choose to purchase a length that is sufficient for use. Or you shouldn't plug in many electrical devices in the same place. Because it can easily cause an electrical short circuit.


6. Choose electrical equipment that meets TIS standards.

           You should choose to use electrical appliances. Or light bulbs that meet TIS standards because electrical appliances or light bulbs that meet this standard are a guarantee of quality and safety because they have been rigorously inspected. Even electrical equipment Certified bulbs are expensive compared to the market. But if you choose electrical equipment or electrical equipment that is not of good quality The potential value of damage to life and property may be greater. Don't be fooled by cheap electrical equipment. or a normal extension cord that does not have a security system in use But you should look for electrical equipment that has been certified to industry standards (TIS) to be the safest.

           LeKise hopes that the content Check risk points Avoid electrical short circuits. It will help remind you to check the electrical system and risky points in the house. To reduce electrical accidents Increase peace of mind and enhance safety for people in the home. Please like and follow the LeKise Lighting page so you don't miss any good news and promotions. From LeKise


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