What is CRI or light accuracy value?

          CRI (Color Rendering Index) is a color accuracy value. It has a value from 0 to 100. Higher values indicate more accurate color. This CRI value is not the color or color temperature of the light. It refers to the color of an object that, when light hits it, shows the color to the human eye. The comparison is based on the color obtained from sunlight at noon, with a value of 100 as the base value being considered the highest color accuracy. And when the index number has a lower value, it means that the color is distorted. The lower the CRI value, the more the color distortion.​

          This color accuracy is important for users. To select the correct light bulb according to the needs of use, for example, for general decoration work, a CRI level of more than 70 is considered acceptable. But for product shows that require beautiful, realistic colors, you should choose bulbs with a CRI level of 95 to 100, which will provide the most realistic and natural light.