What is the Lumen of the bulb?

Is it important to buy a light bulb?


          When you go shopping for LED bulbs, who still chooses to buy bulbs from Watts, raise your hand! And has anyone ever noticed? That on bulb boxes we often find the lumens and wattage stated in the product description. So how are lumens and watts related?

          When going to buy a light bulb, what value should you choose? In this article there is an answer. Lumen (Lumen) or lm is a unit used to indicate the brightness of a lamp. The higher the value, the brighter that bulb will be. high lumen bulbs It usually has the ability to provide light and clarity in the area in which it is used.

          The wattage (Watt) is a unit used to measure the energy consumption of the lamp (wattage). The higher the wattage, the more energy is consumed. or higher electricity bills.

The relationship between lumens and watts

          As asked above Most people still misunderstand that When choosing to buy, look at the wattage because of the wattage is an indication of brightness But in fact, watts are values that indicate the amount of electrical energy that must be used. Here's when to buy a light bulb.
          Don't just look at the wattage. must look at the lumen value together as well to get the correct light value and suitable for use.

          Lumens and bulb wattages cannot be directly compared. because it measures different properties Lumens are a measure of brightness.

While wattage is a measure of energy consumption, so

  • Bulbs with high lumen and low wattage. It has high energy efficiency. give a lot of light and saves energy

  • Bulbs with high lumen but high wattage too. may use more power and higher costs

  • Bulbs with low lumen, low wattage. May give less light and uses less energy

We now understand the terms watts and lumens. How can we choose to buy bulbs that are efficient or cost-effective?

How to calculate the luminance efficiency of a lamp

          Once we know the lumen and wattage well. We can calculate the luminous efficiency. This value will let customers know the value of the bulb. with a simple formula.


Luminous Efficiency = Lumens / Power (Watts)

          Luminous efficiency or lumen per watt The higher the lumens per watt output, the better because it produces a high luminosity. It can also help save electricity bills as well. Lekise will give an example of comparing the luminous efficiency of a lamp.


Comparison of luminous efficiency

          It can be seen that LED HIGH WATT SMOOTH GEN 2 when used to calculate the luminous efficiency will be 90 lumens/watt, explaining simply that LED HIGH WATT SMOOTH GEN 2 gives 2700 lumens of brightness using only 30 watts of electricity.

          While CFL fluorescent lamps require up to 45 watts when considering the luminous efficiency. Dividing this gives you 60 lumens/watt,which means 45 watts of electricity is required to achieve the same luminosity. This represents 1.5 times more.

Electricity consumption.

          At present, the production technology of light bulbs Has evolved to make LED bulbs more efficient. Can replace and save up to 85% of energy from fluorescent tubes. That means LED bulbs have a lower wattage. Resulting in energy savings than fluorescent bulbs.


How to buy light bulbs

buying light bulbs It's not just Lumens, Watts, or Luminous Efficacy. But there are other factors. which is an addition to the purchase decision as well, such as price, color temperature value, light distribution angle and service life These values will help us to choose to buy a bulb that meets our needs and meets the needs even more.



​          Therefore, the following if you have to choose to buy the bulb yourself. Let us determine from the brightness of the lamp from the lumen (lm), which will be indicated on the packaging box. The higher the lumen value, the brighter it will be. and consider the efficiency or lumens per watt (lm/W) as a comparison as well. In order to get a product with brightness and energy saving at the right level. and save money in your pocket as well

What is Lumen content hope? Is it important to buy a light bulb? It will be useful for choosing to buy your light bulbs. Please like and follow the LeKise Lighting page so that you don't miss the news and good promotions from LeKise.