4 warning signs!!

The light bulb is almost time to replace.

         Lighting is a necessity in every home. because it is responsible for illuminating the area that we use and very important at night if at night A light bulb broke out. It would be difficult to go out and buy a replacement bulb immediately.

         For any home that has a spare light bulb in the house I may not have to worry about this much. As for which houses do not have spare bulbs? to change in an emergency It's a big deal.

         How good would it be if we had a way to observe the light bulbs in the house? that the lamp has a malfunction or have symptoms indicating that they need to be replaced

         LeKise recommends 4 warning signs !! The light bulb is almost time to replace. By easily observing 4 symptoms as follows.

1. Lamp holder is black: common symptoms are indicative. lamp deterioration

2. The lamp vibrates or flashes all the time: it can be caused by many reasons. whether the ballast is broken or the starter is broken including the low voltage used in the home or not enough for electrical appliances that are in the house If caused by the above reasons, replace the ballast. or starter The voltage used in the house is low or not enough. It is recommended to replace the transformer with a new one. That is suitable for the amount of electricity in the home.

3. Buzzing or other sounds while turning on the light: Most of the time the buzzing noise when turning on the light usually occurs with the lamp. that has not been activated for a long time When it comes on, it will make a sound. Most of which, after using it for a while, the sound will disappear by itself. If the noise occurs and it takes longer, the sound disappears. The cause may be a loose ballast iron core. Basically, make sure to fix the ballast. or replace the ballast with a new one

4. It takes a long time for the lamp to turn on: This can be caused by a number of reasons. For example, a broken ballast or starter must be solved by replacing it.

         If the symptoms mentioned above Hurry up to change or buy as a backup immediately. You can also choose to buy quality lamps. From the lamp manufacturer that has passed the ISO standard and has the TIS mark, such as the lamp from LeKise (LeKise).