What is the K value of a light bulb?

What is the K value of a light bulb?
For people who have ever gone to buy light bulbs to decorate their own homes.
You are probably familiar with 3000K lights, 4000K lights, or 6500K lights.
So what does each K light look like?


K (Kelvin) value or light temperature (Color Temperature)
          Kelvin is a unit for measuring heat temperature. It is used to determine the color value produced by light. by different levels of Kelvin This will cause the temperature of the light and the color of the light to be different. The higher the Kelvin temperature, the bluer the light will appear. But if the temperature is lower, the light will look orange.
So how do we know how much Kelvin to get the color value we want..?
1. The light range is 6500K and the color of the light will be white. Or what we call Daylight  is the same tone of light as daylight. Gives high light Go out in shades of blue clearly visible Giving a feeling of brightness, energy, and alertness. Suitable mainly for work such as work rooms, offices, kitchens, reading corners, work corners. It is the type of light color that is the most popular in use. Due to its clearly visible properties Can be used for every job.

2. The light range is 4000K. The color of the light will be white and yellowish. Or what is popularly called Cool White, which is a mix of Daylight and Warm white if anyone wants light that is not too white or too orange. Cool white may be another good choice. Popular with interior decoration such as hidden lights, recessed lights, shop decoration lights. Can be applied to all types of work. Both inside and outside Reduce the warmth of the orange light. and reduce the brightness of daylight create balance It looks like a soft white light.

3. The light range is 3000K. The color of the light will be a soft light tone. Or popularly called Warm White, it is a warm color. It doesn't give much brightness and is a soft orange color. Suitable for use as decoration. The light that falls on it makes the area look beautiful, suitable for lighting in the bedroom, living room, or room used for relaxation. Not only does it create warmth. But warm white light Still gives a romantic feeling Relax too. It can be noticed that places of relaxation such as hotels and resorts are increasingly using this type of light bulb to decorate rooms.

          After seeing an example image about the color temperature of light It would probably solve the question about K value. Lekise hopes that everyone will use the knowledge about K value in choosing to buy light bulbs. To match your lifestyle more.