Why Contractors and Electricians
Choose LeKise light bulbs?

Durable, Safety, and Suitable for Technicians.

  1. Quality products, Complete with all lighting tasks.
  2. Light bulb factory, Manufacturer for over 55 years.
  3. Good quality, Durable, Safety, produced under international standards.
  4. The after-sales service is excellent and impressive.
  5. Guaranteed after-sale products, easy to contact, fast service.
  6. Recommend products appropriately for value.

Save money on users Like it with the buyer.
LeKise light bulb factory Living together with user for more than 55 years

You can contact us for information via the following channels.
Line ID : @lekisegroup or https://page.line.me/lekisegroup
LeKise: Accepting distributors and producing OEM products.
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