No need to worry about the specs
​not being as claimed on the box.
Choose "lighting" from LeKise.


Be confident lighting product the specification match the standard on packaging.

Why should you buy "light bulbs" from Lekise?

Specs on the cover

Because we inspect every production step.

Control specifications and control quality as desired.

Full set, no vest. For value, worth the price

Confident and safe

Produce products and inspect quality under international standards.

Focus on safety so that customers can be confident in using it

Service to your liking

Guarantee products after sales, provide advice

Easy to contact, fast service


"Lekise" is confident that the specs are exactly as described, the service is exactly what you want

light bulb factory Living together with Thai people for more than 55 years


You can contact us for information via the following channels.

Line ID : @lekisegroup or

LeKise: Accepting distributors and producing OEM products.

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