Did you notice? That's why during this period ... use the same electricity as before. But we pay more electricity bills!!!
If everyone observes the electricity bill, they will see the Ft baht/unit.
So what does Ft have to do with higher electricity bills?
The Ft value is the Fuel Adjustment Charge (at the given time).
or variable electricity It is the cost of fuel used to generate electricity.
from oil, natural gas, coal
or the cost of importing electricity from the private sector and neighboring countries
where the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand cannot control costs
It can be concluded that the Ft value is used to adjust the variable electricity price to go up and down.
According to the cost price that always adjusts up and down all the time
The Ft values ​​are numerically compiled and adjusted every 4 months.
which the Ft for the month of September until December 2022
increased from 24.77 satang/unit to 93.43 satang/unit
representing an increase of about 3-4 times at one time
The increase in Ft this time was mainly due to
The amount of fuel in the country has decreased. therefore need to import fuel
from other countries to replace As a result, the cost of generating electricity increases.
We don't know… the next Ft adjustment will go up or down?
Therefore, we should save electricity in the house with the policy.
Turn off the lamp when not in use.
Unplug when finished using.
adjust the air conditioner 25 degrees
Change light bulbs to LED
Change to save more with energy-saving lamps with energy saving symbol 5 (3 stars)
In order to increase the savings of X2, like the A60 KLASSIC LED lamp.