The consumer unit is the heart of the home electrical system that has it all. because it is the first line of defense against various electrical accidents

Acts as a prefabricated electrical panel consisting of a main breaker that controls all incoming and outgoing power. and a small ball breaker (MCB).
that is used as a sub-circuit for many Including circuit breakers to prevent electric shock, leakage, overload, short circuit, RCBO

and then choosing a consumer unit to use How should I choose the right one for my home? LeKise has the answer.

1. Choose a consumer unit that has been tested for product durability and has TIS standards.

2. Choose a cabinet with RCBO (Electrical Safety Device) because it will help prevent accidents such as electric leakage, short circuit or over power.

3. Should choose the number of circuit channels suitable for use at home. which may allow another 1-2 circuit slots for loads that may be added in the future

4. Choose the size of the sub breaker. according to the suitability of use and convenience in the case of electrical maintenance

           For example : If your home has a bedroom, a bathroom, a living room, and a kitchen, then you can choose a set of 4-6 consumer cabinets to separate the electrical system of each room.

5. Choose the size of the amp. according to the electricity usage of each house

           For example : There are main electrical appliances in the house. 1 air conditioner, 1 water heater, 1 refrigerator and other electrical equipment

A 50A consumer unit can be used, but in the event of high power consumption You can use a 63A consumer unit right away.

by selecting the size of the amp can be roughly calculated from the main electrical appliances in the house by adding the size of each amp to use electricity Do not exceed the amp size of the consumer unit cabinet.

          **If you are not sure, you can consult an electrician. or electrician**

           LeKise recommends CONSUMER UNIT that meets TIS standards TIS. 1436-2540 and TIS. 909-2548.

giving you confidence in the safety of use Answer all the questions that a consumer unit must have. Comes with the shape of the cabinet, it is beautiful, modern, fits your home very well.

The cabinet is made of rust-proof, flame-retardant steel, durable for use. Comes with a transparent open-close cover that helps prevent dust and can clearly see the equipment inside the cabinet

Comes with excellent after-sales service and product warranty for up to 1 full year

           There are many sizes to choose from according to the number of breakers from 4-8 circuits.

The set of consumer cabinets are available in sizes of 4,6,8 channels, main size 50A, 63A.