Downlight It is a new alternative lamp that is getting very popular. Because it has a distinctive feature that the design is beautiful and luxurious.
It also saves energy. The lamp can be turned on and off as often as needed. without having to worry about the bulb breaking and no more hassles of changing bulbs
for a good downlight It should come with a variety of functionalities. Complete in one tube like "DuoFIT 2in1"
               downlight that can be installed up to 2 types, which are floating and recessed, come with spring lock legs and complete set of mounting accessories to make you convenient for installation
The lamp has a good diffusion angle. as well as providing light for specific use that meets the needs
If anyone who does not want to penetrate the blemish It can be installed floating. or anyone who wants the ceiling to look smooth can also choose to install in the ceiling as well
“DuoFIT 2in1” comes with more complete features than anyone else.
  • High-efficiency L.E.D Driver IC with a stable voltage system to use
  • quality structure Made from flame retardant material. Absolutely safe
  • The diffuser plate is made of special PMMA material for excellent light transmission and smoothness.
  • Use the high quality SMD2835 LED beads, no mercury, toxic and harmful substances.
  • The lamp body uses high quality aluminum material. Helps in excellent heat dissipation
  • Long service life, average 30,000 hours
  • The tube turns on immediately. Provides constant, flicker-free light, free from UV and IR radiation.
Suitable for : office work, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, bookstores, various showrooms. Choose a downlight that completes all functions. Choose DuoFIT 2in1, good value, definitely worth the price.