5 tips for setting up the lights foster child development

          Good lighting design, in addition to enhancing the beauty of various areas in the house, also increases the usefulness of usability as well. But the important thing that many adults overlook. is to arrange the lights to be suitable for children because in addition to paying attention to the wind direction and airiness The matter of lighting is also very important. need to pay attention to the details of the lighting and take into account the quality of the product to suit every environment whether it is an area for relaxation or a space for learning things

Today, LeKise would like to introduce “5 Tips for Organizing Fire. enhancing child development"
  1. Choose quality bulbs that pass TIS standards : Choosing a light bulb should first consider the quality of the product. Should choose lamps made of environmentally friendly materials, no mercury. And there is no blue light that is harmful to eyesight. Such as lamps from LeKise that have passed TIS standards and are made from environmentally friendly materials.
  2. Choose the right light color for your use : Lighting is important. If there is a desk in the room to read Choose a light that protects your eyes, such as warm white light. If it is an activity room to promote the development of children It is recommended to use natural light or daylight.
  3. Choose a lamp Instead of turning on the lights all over the bedroom : Some children may not like the dark. So many times we may solve the problem by turning on the lights throughout the room. But doing so may result in poor sleep in the child.and not sleeping enough so that children can get enough rest Lekise recommends finding a small lamp. at the head of the bed so that it is not too bright and does not interfere with sleep It also gives the child peace of mind that the light is on.
  4. Shouldn't have just one light for the whole room : We might think that just one light would be enough for a kid's room. But choosing to install many lamps at different points of the room In addition to being able to decorate the room to be beautiful It also helps to spread the light evenly throughout the room. without the dark corners that may cause the need to focus on things
  5. Give the room a space of natural light : Sunlight is good for children because it helps them in a good mood. In addition, ultraviolet rays help kill bacteria. and help strengthen the immune system for the body Bedroom and playroom Should face the direction that has good sunlight.
      How are you doing with 5 tips that we bring together today? I hope to apply it for the best benefit. LeKise sees every stage of children's growth as important.

Choose quality light bulbs You must choose to use Lekise only.
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