LeKise Lighting is a leading manufacturer of lamps and lighting equipment in Thailand. Been in business for more than 54 years

On a factory area of ​​80 rai with a production capacity of 2 million pieces per day. Every product undergoes a thorough product lifetime testing process before being delivered to the customer.

have modern production technology and machinery Under the ISO 9001 quality system certification, environmental management standards and domestic industrial product standards

At present, the business has been expanded to support more market demands, such as light poles according to the Department of Highways and the Department of Rural Roads standards,

All types of LED bulbs, factory fixtures, grille fixtures, acrylic fixtures, switches and sockets, power strips and many more specialized luminaires.

LeKise Lighting has a service team to give advice on how to use the product. and take care of customers after sales

Trusted by more than 1,400 dealers across Thailand. to expand and support the needs of consumers thoroughly

With the cooperation of over 800 employees, LeKise Lighting can operate its business stably. and sustainable to the present

At the heart of LeKise Lighting's business is to grow with our partners in every design, every production, in order to get good products that are full of quality.