Power strip or plug socket Accessories for added convenience in the use of electrical appliances
It can also make us Multiple appliances can be used at the same time as the power cord supplied with that type of appliance may not be long enough. We therefore need a power strip as a helper.
so that we can bring electrical appliances can be used at the desired point whether using a power strip to plug in a mobile phone battery charger Or bring it to the electric stove to cook. It can be said that it is an important accessory that many homes must have attached to it. There are many brands of power strips nowadays. and many designs to choose from If choosing a non-standard power strip
may be the cause of the fire Therefore, you should choose to buy a standard trailer plug or have TIS.
such as the power strip from LeKise, because the quality is up to the TIS standard, there is a breaker system under the IEC60934 standard that can automatically cut off the power when the power is over Comes with a strong material structure that does not spread fire And the socket is designed to withstand electricity well. Another level of safety with safety curtains to prevent touching the live parts.
There is an on-off switch. because when the switch on the trailer plug is turned off Electricity will not be able to flow into the device.
In addition to reducing the consumption of electricity. It also increases security as well.
LeKise power strips are available in 3 types
1. Power strip, 3 outlets, 1 switch, 16 A, power cable 3 meters.
2. Power strip 3 outlets, 3 switches, 16 A, power cord 3 meters.
3. Power strip, 4 outlets, 1 switch, 16 A, power cable 3 meters.
giving you confidence in safety when using a power strip from LeKise