We produce and distribute

street light poles L.O.S. and TCSC.

          LeKise, the leader in integrated lighting products both domestically and internationally. Provide project services. Guaranteed by the work of more than 100,000 street light poles nationwide with a team that is very experienced Opportunity to work with many projects.

          Whether it is a project for government and private sectors such as Department of Rural Roads, Department of Highways, Warehouses, Ports, Factories, Airports, Universities, Stadiums, Condos, Parking Lot, Hospitals, etc.

          There is continuous development and improvement of product quality, as well as being ready in terms of production, whether it is a straight light pole, a single branch light pole. or a pair of lampposts Comes with a height to choose from from 4 meters to 12 meters and can be manufactured to the height according to customer requirements.

          For light poles used in the Department of Highways The thickness of the steel is 4 millimeters and the poles used in the Department of Rural Roads. The thickness of the steel is 4.5 millimeters, both of which use high quality steel. through the process of degreasing and plated with galvanizing to prevent rust It also adds more color to the lamp post. Meet all the needs of customers with quality products and excellent after-sales service Ready to issue a quotation for free!! free of charge.

Product Features
  • The factory has passed ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification.
  • Designed and manufactured according to the standards of the Department of Highways and the Department of Rural Roads
  • Certified by TIS 2316-2549 standard
  • Made of high quality steel It is strong and resistant to the environment.
  • through the galvanizing process to prevent rust corrosion throughout the service life
  • Nationwide delivery service
          LeKise has developed products all the time. in every design, every production, to get a good product and full of quality Let customers be confident in the production of our products. and is accepted all over the country.