Light Pole Made in Thailand

          LeKise is a manufacturer and distributor of light poles certified products made in Thailand, Made in Thailand or MiT. Made in Thailand products are products made in Thailand. from a registered factory or business have a taxpayer identification number clearly correct in Thailand qualified according to the specified criteria The criteria for calculating the value of MiT products are based on the ASEAN CONTENT principle.
          Made in Thailand (MiT) products will receive a certificate or a mark issued by FTI to entrepreneurs by 1 certificate per 1 product. The certificate is valid for 1 year from the date of approval of the work. LeKise (Lekise) has 27 items of light poles and lamps that have received MiT certification (data as of 15/03/2522), such as single branch light poles, double branch light poles, and street lamps. LEDs, steel lamp posts and more.
          Buying products that are certified Made in Thailand (MiT) will increase consumer confidence in safety and quality control in production. including the maintenance of after-sales products Lekise has been trusted by the government and the private sector for a long time. and pay attention to every production In order to get good products and full of quality delivered to customers.

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Lekise light bulb factory Living together with Thai people for more than 55 years

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