Resolve any doubts? label on the lamp box

          Light bulbs are a must-have item for every home or place. to add brightness to that area. Have you ever wondered? whether the various abbreviations on the lamp or on the packaging What does it mean?

          Today, LeKise will bring all your friends to "Resolve any doubts? label on the lamp box” to be more clear. For information that can be used for their own use.


1. What is Kelvin?

Answer: K value (Kelvin) or the color temperature of light (Color Temperature). is a unit of heat temperature is used to determine the color caused by light. by different levels of Kelvin will cause the temperature of the light and the color of the light to be different The higher the Kelvin temperature, the blue light will appear. But if the temperature is lower, the light will look orange.

2. What is the wattage value?

Answer: A unit of power that describes the electrical power of each type of device or appliance, for example a 12 watt light bulb means that a light bulb consumes 12 watts per hour. The higher the wattage value, the more power it consumes as well.

3. What is Lumen?

Answer: Lumen is a unit of measurement of the brightness of a lamp. For example, if that type of lamp says 850 Lumen, it is equal to this type of lamp has a brightness of 850 Lumen itself.

4. What does TIS (TIS) stand for?

Answer: TIS is an acronym for “Industrial Product Standard” (Thai Industrial Standard)

Refers to the academic requirements that The Thai Industrial Standards Institute has established a guideline for manufacturers to produce quality products at a level that is most suitable for use. Products defined as current standards It covers many types of products used in daily life such as electrical appliances, vehicles, textiles, building materials, etc.

5. What does LED stand for?

Answer: LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, also known as Light Emitting Diode is a semiconductor device that allow electricity to flow through and emit light


How are you? How many questions can you answer? I hope that today's information that LeKise brings to you will be useful to everyone who reads it.