Keep everything safe from bugs with
            Blacklight LeKise bulbs.

             Blacklight Lamp (Blacklight Lamp) Many of you see the name of this type of lamp and may not be familiar with it much. Because usually not much use of blacklight bulbs in the house. But in fact, blacklight bulbs are commonly used in conjunction with mosquito trap. That should be attached to the house or the place where there are activities that require light all the time. First of all, let's get to know each other better than blacklight bulbs.
             Blacklights are UVA lamps with the best wavelength. (Dark blue ultraviolet light) to be used to lure insects or mosquitoes effectively. The lamp has an external appearance similar to that of a common fluorescent lamp. by blacklight white tube Commonly used in conjunction with various brands of insect trap.
             Also, the blacklight should be used in dark or dimly lit areas. The light of the blacklight can react to reflect the fluorescent substance. By causing some objects to have that glow.

Special Features Only Blacklight Lamps from LeKise

• Products made in Thailand. Certified by TIS 956-2557 standards
• Dark blue ultraviolet waves are more effective at luring insects.
• Maintain a healthy environment, no chemicals, safe for skin and eyes.
• Use technology for special coatings such as halophosphors and triphosphors.
• The tube uses a special glass material. be strong Provides consistent light
• Can be used for a long time with a highly durable electrical circuit.
• High quality aluminum lampholders. no corrosion
• Complies with IEC/EN60081 and IEC/EN61195 standards.

In addition to these benefits, users can choose to apply according to their own needs. However, safety and potential hazards must be taken into account if used carelessly. The benefits of blacklights used in different places

Residential, Resort : Blacklight can be used together with mosquito trap. to get rid of mosquitoes or insects that enter the house Increase the safety from insect or mosquito bites for the family more.

Badminton court : It is a place that uses a lot of light. May cause insects to interfere with activities Attaching the blacklight to the mosquito trap It will help lure insects to the insect trap to interfere less.

Convenience stores, canteens: For convenience stores, there are openings and closings. Doors all the time may cause flies to disturb customers and products. Attaching the blacklight to the mosquito trap Therefore, it is a good solution for eliminating insects. that many businesses, whether it is a restaurant Canteens or convenience stores should be used.

Agriculture : Used in cultivation, raising vegetables, which can be used with blacklight bulbs together with insect trap. To help lure and eliminate insects that eat the produce we plant.