5 techniques for choosing and buying LED light bulbs


1. Start by surveying the points of use within the home.
How much light is needed? To select the type of light bulb that is appropriate for use. By the type of light bulb Based on the direction of light, it can be divided into 2 types: directional (using spot light) and non-directional. (Spreads light all around)


2.1 Once you know the desired direction of light
Don't forget to check the type of light bulb socket that is installed. Because each type of light bulb They have different caps, such as cup-shaped (MR), PAR (PAR), or mushroom-shaped. The lamp cap is GU5.3 type.​


2.2 The type of surround light will be a bulb or pear-shaped bulb.
The popular bulb holders are E14 and E27 and straight tube shaped bulbs (TUBE). This type of bulb is shaped like a fluorescent bulb. There are sizes according to diameter, including T5 bulbs (⌀ 5 hun) with a G5 cap and T8 bulbs (⌀ 8 hun) with a G13 cap.


3. Then choose the color tone of the light.
The most popular are Warm White or warm colors, yellow and orange tones, giving a soft light, often used in bedrooms, reading tables, and dining tables, etc., and Daylight or cool tones, giving light to the eyes. Often used in workplaces, hospitals and beauty tables.

Don't forget! Initial check is whether the desired light bulb can be turned on immediately or not. At the light bulb testing service point This is to ensure that the purchased bulb can be used normally.


4. Other features that should be considered
for decision making, such as electrical power, service life Tube efficiency and maintaining brightness Tube durability color consistency And the problem of color distortion when used for a long time is important! LED bulbs must not contain UV, IR and mercury.

5. There must be a quality certification mark on the product,
such as energy saving label number 5, TIS mark, for greater safety in use.

Every time you decide to buy an LED light bulb, you must purchase one that is compatible with the user's usage and has passed quality certification. To ensure that our light bulbs are up to standard. Can be used for a long time It is safe for life and property.

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