1. Natural light is the most comfortable light for the eyes when working when working in a time where the workbench should be set close to the room or lighting system in order to receive adequate natural light because natural light is light. Comfortable Eyes shining, strong sunlight or not, curtains should be placed in the intensity of the light, should allow natural light to enter the back of the desk above the level, or allow natural light to cover the screen side.

2. Make a light to have enough light. For good eye health If the working area has insufficient light May damage your eyesight. Should be equipped with light bulbs Or table lamp decoration To add enough light and not hurt the eyes.

3. Lamps used to increase the lighting, should use Cool White light for visual comfort and CRI greater than 80%. It will help the color from the work is not distorted. And should use a brightness of 400 - 600 Lux will give a light that is not too bright or too dark.


4. The lighting of the working room. It is not advisable to choose the angle in which the light is reflected onto the computer screen. Or should not have the light on the head reflected onto the screen.

Or move the angle of the lamp off the screen For greater visual comfort and less strain on your eyes. And can cause eye strain


From these 4 points, it can be seen that "lighting" affects work because it can increase work efficiency. Selecting the working desk direction. Can create a suitable environment After reading, do not forget to adjust and set the table at home.