Lekise sells a complete line of light poles.

Including high mass light poles, double branch light poles, single branch light poles. Straight light pole or street lamp
  • Passes galvanized system standards that has properties to help prevent rust
  • Both the size and height of the light pole
  • Can be produced according to the design that customers want.
  • Trusted by the government and private sectors
  • There is a Made in Thailand or MiT product certification from the Federation of Thai Industries.
  • Produced and distributed under quality standards ISO 14001 : 2015 and ISO 9001 : 2015
  • The quality of the light poles is thoroughly inspected before being delivered to customers every time. so that customers can have confidence in the product and trust in choosing Lekise products
We also have turtleback street lamps.
That has been certified to TIS 1955-2008, giving you confidence in the quality.

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Choose quality light bulbs. Use only LeKise.
LeKise, the light bulb factory, has been with Thai people for more than 55 years.
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