bright light in all directions.

Elegant design It is only 2 millimeters thick.
Once applied, it is smooth with the ceiling. It doesn't catch your eye when you look at it.

Comes with features that are superior to anyone else.
  • Optical Lens increases brightness and distributes light excellently.
  • The lamp body is made of steel when used for a long time. It won't break easily.
  • There is a ground wire to increase safety in use.
  • Inside the lamp there is a sheet of Reflective Paper to increase brightness efficiency to another level.
  • Wide light distribution angle of 120° for even light.
  • Comes with a CRI > 80. Looks comfortable and the colors are not distorted.
  • Choose high quality LED beads, no mercury, no UV rays and infrared rays.
  • The tube turns on immediately. Provides constant, flicker-free light.

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