New innovation!! The first LED TUBE HYBRID in Thailand.
Safe, easy to use, both single end and double end rails, complete in one tube.
Eliminate the hassle of having to buy light bulbs to match the rails. Plus it's safe with a standard safety switch.

Comes with unique features
  • Can be used with tracks that are wired with one-way power and two-way power.
  • Safety switch (red switch) passes TIS standard 2779-2019. Safer than before
  • Can be used as a replacement for fluorescent bulbs. without having to change or modify the rails
  • Surge protection 1.5KV
  • IP20 suitable for indoor use
  • Save more than 50% energy compared to fluorescent lamps.
  • The bulb turns on instantly, no flickering, no UV rays. and infrared radiation
  • If you want to replace the fluorescent light rail, please check the installation manual on the packaging.
  • In the case of fluorescent rails The lamp should be installed into the rail assembly without passing through the ballast of the original fluorescent lamp. In order to increase energy efficiency and the life of the lamp.

Wattage options: 9 watts, 18 watts
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