Electricity bill shoots up. Don't panic when using LED A60 KLASSIC.

Because it has received the Fiber Savings Mark 5, up to a full 3 stars!! Giving you confidence in saving more on electricity bills.

Comes with features
  • The bulb turns on immediately and does not blink.
  • Save energy Save money in your pocket.
  • Choose high-performance LED beads.
  • Free from UV rays Infrared radiation and mercury
  • Polycarbonate cover, excellent transmittance, provides soft light.
  • Broad-angle light spreads up to 220° for uniform light and accurate color reproduction.

Lighting options: Daylight light, Warm white light
Wattage options: 5W, 7W, 9W, 12W, 15W
Shop now at: Homepro Department Store, Dohome Department Store, all branches nationwide! and Homeone Department Store, Homeshop Department Store, HomeHub Department Store, KING Watsadu Department Store
With distributor stores nationwide (ask the admin for details of stores selling them)

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