What should you look for when buying LED bulbs?


  • TIS mark

​Guarantee the quality of the bulbs to meet production standards. For greater safety in use.

  • Fiber saving label 5

​To show the worthiness of saving energy. that meets standards as specified by EGAT and the Ministry of Energy

  • No UV and IR radiation. 

​There is no radiation that is harmful to the skin. Let you use it with peace of mind without worry.

  • Brightness (lumens) suitable for use. 

How much light is required at the installation location? In order to purchase brightness (lumens) suitable for use

  • Electrical power suitable for use. 

​Compare the power consumption or wattage values. To compare the value of illumination (lumens per watt)

  • Lifespan long lasting The color and brightness are unmistakable. 

​Considered an additional feature that should be considered as well for decision making

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