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Create an atmosphere inside the house Make it impressive for Valentine's Day

           Valentine's Day, the festival of love, has come around again. Lekise believes that many people are thinking about Valentine's Day gifts. or looking for ideas to create an atmosphere within the home to be impressive We're definitely celebrating Valentine's Day, but aside from giving gifts to the people we love, To make it even more special is to create an impressive atmosphere inside the house.
           This year, where will couples who don't have plans go out to celebrate? I want to spend time together with my lover one-on-one. For example, sleeping together watching your favorite movie together inside the house rather than going out. Lekise recommends that you try decorating your home. Or decorate the bedroom to surprise your lover. Create a sweet atmosphere Adding romance creates good moments. It's better to be memorable and impressive between you and your lover. With ideas for creating an impressive atmosphere inside the house. Receive
the Valentine's Day that Lekise brought for you. Guaranteed to make an impression on your lover for sure. If you're ready, let's go see.

1. Add sweet colors to the home

           It's an easy way to add romance. It is about choosing colors that help change the atmosphere within the home. If it's Valentine's Day, you can't escape the hottest colors like pink and red. that is like a symbol of Valentine's Day Just decorate the room with items that have sweet tones like pink and red. But it doesn't have to be many items. Instead, focus on large items or items that are obvious, such as curtains, bedspreads, cushions, or cute decorations. This just helps add to the atmosphere of sweet love. Or besides pink, you may choose a color that your lover especially likes as well.

2. A sweet scent creates an impressive atmosphere.
           The matter of scent is an idea for creating an impressive atmosphere in your home for Valentine's Day that should not be missed in helping to increase the romance very well. Many times when we smell something it may trigger a new memory of that event. Smell is therefore an important thing that should be paid attention to. In addition to perfume and scented candles There are also many fragrance-enhancing items that help create the atmosphere. Whether it's an aromatherapy sprayer Scented sticks or scented bags It can be used as a good replacement for scented candles. It is recommended that you choose the scent of flowers that best matches Valentine's Day. And choose the scent that you and your loved ones like. Come be a part of creating a romantic and memorable atmosphere.

3. Use warm lighting

           Valentine's Day is the perfect time to decorate your home with romantic lights. Replace bright bulbs that are in normal use. Comes as a Warm White or Cool White light bulb, especially in the bedroom. We recommend using Warm White as it will give an orange tone of light. Gives a warm, relaxing feeling, while Cool White light gives a warm white light. The brightness is halfway between Warm White and Daylight. Using these 2 tones of light will help create a warm atmosphere inside the house. and add romance
Going one step further if anyone is looking for a good quality light bulb that gives a warm light. Lekise recommends
  • LED A60 PRO SERIES Warm White light, bright and safe at a very economical price.
  • LED MAGNET 3 STEPS COLORS can change 3 lights in one bulb. Increase the atmosphere in your home as you want. Ready to help you save energy Because it is an LED light bulb, it consumes little power but is very bright.

4. Use decorative lights Add fun

           Decorative lights are considered another help. That increases the atmosphere inside the house, making it not boring and also adding fun. Can be rolled up into letters or rolled into a heart shape to decorate the walkway. Or stick it on the wall of the room Help create an impression when you see it. For decorative lights that Lekise would like to recommend are:
MINIGLOBE LED COLORFUL BULB has 7 colors to choose from, providing soft, consistent light that doesn't fade, suitable for decorating the home, creating a new atmosphere for both of you this Valentine's Day. and can be used with String Light-Lamp holder E27. Choose from a variety of colored light bulbs. Or you can use it with Warm White light bulbs as well.

5. Keep the house neat and clean.

           Good atmosphere And romance can't happen at all. If you have to celebrate Valentine's Day inside a house full of clutter, Therefore, we must regularly clean the house and various furniture. Always clean Arrange things in order and into their proper places, possibly clearing out space in one corner of the house. To arrange a photo corner for the sweet sweetheart



          Just this can create an impressive atmosphere inside the house for Valentine's Day. If you apply these ideas, you will be sure to have your sweetheart come back and see this atmosphere in your home. But if you want this year's Valentine's Day to be even more special, Try using these 3 types of light bulbs from Lekise to increase the atmosphere and turn your ordinary Valentine's Day into a very special and memorable day for you and your lover for a long time. Finally, Lekise wishes that this year's Valentine's Day will be filled with happiness. In the most beautiful atmosphere at home, Happy Valentine's Day.

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