New!! String light, eye-catching waterproof wire terminal set

Ready to create an atmosphere on your important day that won't be boring  Weatherproof, resistant to sun, rain, resistant to all weather conditions. Can be used for a long time Save money in your pocket. Buy once and use for a long time.

  • Comes with a standard E27 bulb socket.
  • The terminals are made from 100% copper to help conduct electricity well. Plus it can help dissipate heat.
  • Use tough, strong, durable PVC cable wires. Don't be afraid of breaking!!
  • Passed the tensile test With a tension machine that meets standards
  • The wire can withstand a maximum current of 1,500W. If used with a 1-2W LED bulb, it will help extend the life of the wire even longer.
  • The 2-prong power plug has special thickness that adheres well to the socket and does not fall off or break easily.
  • There are 2 lengths to choose from: 5 meter long can hold 15 straws, 10 meter long can hold 30 straws.
Suitable for internal use or outside the building, such as using it to decorate a restaurant Party decorations Or
decorate to create an atmosphere on the important day.
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