Consumer unit cabinet cuts power quickly, safe, no worries.

Talking about the house Safety must come first.
If you choose a consumer cabinet that is not of good quality It may cause electrical hazards.
We would like to introduce a helper to cut off the electricity quickly, safely and without worry. With the Lekise consumer unit cabinet

Comes with features


  • Beautiful, modern appearance
  • Open-close cover Prevent dust Can clearly see inside
  • Cabinet made from steel It is strong and durable, does not rust, does not spread fire.
  • There is a system to protect against electrical leakage, electric shock, overload, and short circuit.
  • Circuit break sensitivity <0.1 second, increasing safety in use.
  • Used as a pinion rail Durable and has a long service life.
  • Has TIS standards. TIS. 1436-2540 and TIS. 909-2005
  • The product is guaranteed for 5 years. Just register through My Lekise Rewards.

Don't forget to install the ground wire correctly according to electrical standards. To prevent basic electrical hazards
Think about safety in your home. Think of a consumer unit cabinet from Lekise.

Size options: 4,6,8 channel subsidiary breakers, 50A and 63A main breakers.
Can be purchased at: Global House, King Wasadu and distributors nationwide. (You can ask the admin for details of stores that sell it.)

Choose quality light bulbs You must choose to use Lekise only.
Lekise light bulb factory Living together with Thai people for more than 55 years

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