5 secret items for adjusting beautiful ceilings at an affordable price

LED CEILING LIGHT 3CCT, Salapao lamp set, size 26 watts, large and satisfying. The light can change colors in 3 shades
(Warm white, Cool white, Daylight) just by pressing the switch to turn off and on.

There is a special light design. It's chasing the light. Let's see how Smooth makes it stand out when activated. There are 5 patterns and 5 styles to choose from.
  • Steamed bun lamp, ROSE pattern
The lamp body has charming curves. add luxury When activated, the Sunflower pattern bun lamp is shaped like a blooming flower.
  • Steamed bun lamp, SPIN pattern
In the middle of the lamp comes out a design. similar to crystal beads Comes with a unique technique for creating glitter patterns.
  • Steamed bun lamp, 2 Layers pattern
The lamp body is designed to be 2 layers to add dimension. The surrounding part is like a diamond around the lamp.
  • Salapao lantern, Golden Ring pattern
Change from normal to luxurious like staying in a hotel. at an economical price

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