new!! Solar Wall Lamp Nebula

turns darkness into light all night, saves electricity, and is safe when activated. Comes with outstanding features
  • The design is unique. Beautiful and eye-catching shape
  • The frame is made of high quality ABS plastic, not easy to break.
  • The cover is made of high quality PC plastic, resistant to UV light.
  • There is a sensor system to detect movement.
  • Adjustable brightness up to 2 levels
  • Uses energy from the sun. Electricity cost 0 baht.
  • Resistant to sun, rain, resistant to all weather conditions.
  • Easy to install, no wiring required.
  • Automatically bright lights for 12 hours throughout the night.
Note : When the sensor detects movement every time The white light will turn on automatically. And if movement is found all the time
In the area where the sensor detects white light, it can work for up to 2 hours. *Free accessories ready for installation*

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