Reveal the installation steps New product from Lekise LED SOLAR STREET LIGHT GALAXY
Easy to install, no need for a technician. Easy to understand in one clip Ready to tell you the secret to making the lamp last a long time. and maintain efficiency Don't miss this clip!

Hello, today Ning will take you to look at the installation process of LED SOLAR STREET LIGHT GALAXY, a new product from Lekise. Easy to install, not as difficult as you think. There will be some steps, let's take a look.

  • ​Tips for installing the LED SOLAR STREET LIGHT GALAXY to be effective should be installed at a height of 3-6 meters from the floor.


  • Instructions: Installation should face the solar cell panel towards the south. Because it will receive sunlight throughout the day to the fullest for the efficiency of the lamp's work.

For the installation of LED SOLAR STREET LIGHT GALAXY, there are 2 types of installation methods:

1. Mounted to a wall or wall.
Step 1: Make a mark on the wall at the installation point to reduce installation errors. Then drill holes with a drill.
Step 2: Install the steel anchors into the wall.
Step 3: Align the neck of the pole with the installation point. and attached to the wall
Step 4: Insert the pole neck into the lamp body. By placing the solar panel part on the bottom first for ease of installation. Then turn the lamp so that the solar panel is on top. Next, tighten the screws and nuts to firmly lock the parts and pole neck.



2. Type that is installed on the pole.
Step 1: Install together with the pole clamp ring. where a hole has been drilled corresponding to the base of the column neck
Step 2: Screw the screws into the lamp base. light pole lock And this nut is all set.


The trick for taking care of the lamp so that it lasts for a long time and maintains its efficiency is Cleaning stains Various dusts that cling to the solar panels and lamps can be cleaned every 3 months or when there are tight stains. To extend the lifespan of the lamp

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