Know before buying!
If you want bright, cost-effective lighting.

What do you choose to buy from?

Is it the same? When do you go and buy your own light bulbs?
Want a bright, cost-effective light bulb?
But every time I look at the information on the box Always confused?

Today, LeKise will tell you how to read the information on the light bulb box.
To be useful in choosing to buy.
Which feature is an important feature? that we must pay special attention to
To get a bright, cost-effective light bulb.
Plus you save money in the long run.

LeKise pays attention to every production process with international standards.
Guaranteed quality and safety

"LeKise lighting factory Lived together with Thai people for more than 55 years."

You can contact us for information via the following channels.
Line ID : @lekisegroup or
LeKise: Accepting distributors and producing OEM products.
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