Launching new product from Lekise

Introducing a new product from Lekise: LED SOLAR STREET LIGHT GALAXY, a new product from Lekise. Solar street lamp.
Light every path Clear light with optical lens With brightness and motion sensors

  • Bright and satisfying, electricity cost 0.-
  • Resistant to sun, rain, all weather conditions
  • High efficiency LED beads No dangerous substances
  • Use UV proof optical lens, good quality plastic lens, color is not yellow.
  • Not crispy or easily broken Ready to help spread light well Provides sharper light
  • Fast charging with high-efficiency solar panels
  • Remote controlled lamp
  • There is a light sensor system and a motion detection sensor.
  • Easy to install with installation kit, strong, durable, high quality.
  • Wattage options: 4W(600lm), 8W(1200lm)

*Free pole with anchor nuts for installation*
Can be purchased at: Homepro Department Store, Dohome Department Store, SCG Home Solution Department Store, Global House Department Store (ask the admin for details of the branches that sell it)
Contact for information via Line ID: @lekisegroup or
LeKise accepts distributors and accepts OEM product production.