Not enough light in the workplace may be an obstacle to work or may cause loss of sight Because having to focus on the text in the place With low light, such problems may be caused by the fact that we choose to use a bulb or lamp that is not the right type. Today, Lekise will come to UNBOX, introducing a powerful lighting device. such as recessed and suspended ceiling lamps
LeKise, your solution to insufficient lighting problems

Highlights of the Lekise grille lamp

  • Made of high quality steel Extra thick 0.4mm, strong and durable
  • Aluminum U-shaped reflector, diffuses more light.
  • Quality louvers have more ribs than conventional ones, giving them an unobtrusive feature.
  • Prevent rust with powder coating and baking with high heat.
  • Anti-corrosion steel body
  • Can be used with both LED and Fluorescent light bulbs.
  • Easy to install, use and maintain. safe with ground
  • with standard terminal type G13 TIS 344-2549

Suitable for use in office buildings, offices, hospitals, educational institutions and places that require a lot of light.
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