Update! Ft Sep.-Dec. 2023, electricity costs reduced to only 0.25฿ per unit. 

Knowing this, change first, save first, use Lekise!

Although the ERC will adjust the electricity tariff down To help people at the end of the year Effective from the billing cycle September - December 2023 down to 4.45 baht per unit from the current period 4.70 baht which reduced the electricity rate by only 25 satang per unit But would it be better? If you switch to Lekise first.

It can help you save first...

Because Lekise is a light bulb factory in Thailand. that produces products with technology and innovation Who cares about electricity, save energy 
Develop products to help you reduce the cost burden. There are a variety of products to choose from according to use.

such as 

  • Solar group lamp, electricity cost 0 baht
  • Sunlight switch, turn on when needed.
  • Motion sensor tube turns on when moving, turns off when not in use.
  • or save more Just switch to LED bulbs.

Knowing this, hurry up and switch to Lekise, change first, save first!

If you are interested in energy-saving products…
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LeKise : accepting distributors and manufacturing OEM products
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