Shop the light bulb, Why you have to think Lekise?


      ​Light bulbs are not just about brightness. but must come with safety and have standards to support for the safety of using the product to property and family Let's see why!

  • Variety of quality products to meet all needs from the manufacturer in Thailand

      Lekise Lighting, we are confident because we are a manufacturer and distributor of innovative lighting products. from incandescent bulbs, neon bulbs or fluorescent bulbs, LED bulbs, including various types of lamps such as factory lamps, grille lamps, acrylic lamps, etc.


  • Confident, reliable, over 55 years of experience in lighting products.

      We have a product research and development team. pay attention to every production process starting from product design to meet the needs of customers And respond to the needs in the market both in Thailand and abroad. With more than 55 years of experience in the name of Lee KijchareonSeang Co.,Ltd.

  • Production control in a factory certified by international standards ISO.

      Lekise Lighting has advanced production technology and modern machinery. Operates under quality system certification ISO 9001:2015, environmental management standards ISO 14001:2015.


  • All products are certified by Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TIS).

      Lekise has a laboratory to test the electrical value of the lamp to meet the standards set by the TIS, along with a testing room with equipment for testing products according to EMC standards, and Lekise has exported the product to check. Other quality checks To ensure that customers will definitely be safe from using Lekise's light bulbs.


  • Every product undergoes a product lifetime test process.

      At Lekise, we have a product inspection process from raw materials. before receiving the warehouse Checking the correctness of production and checking the electrical, light and color properties There are safety checks and testing procedures for all lighting products. to ensure before leaving the production line As well as testing the function of all products Aging-Test before sending out from the factory. so that customers can be confident in the service life of the product


  • Check product quality with a Lighting Laboratory that is certified with ISO standards.

      Lekise Lighting has tests and measurements for lighting products. We have an IEC/ISO 17025:2017  accredited lighting laboratory for lamp testing and measurement. Able to test lighting products both in terms of efficiency Provide accurate, accurate, fast and reliable test results. Along with the operations that are in accordance with the professional practice.


  • Lighting design service by a team of experts with a precise program.

      Lekise has experts to recommend the use of products. We plan to use efficient lighting products. By calculating the lighting from a computer program that provides accuracy and precision (Lighting Simulation) in order to provide the lighting that meets the needs of the needs of the Lighting Designer who has experience in lighting design.


  • Large warehouse in order to stock products just for demand.

      Lekise Lighting manages and stores products by using every square inch with maximum efficiency. to support the distribution of products both domestically and internationally And more than that, we pay attention to fast service and guarantee the safety of products in every step. To deliver products to customers safely and on time.


  • Dealer stores nationwide Give you convenience in buying products.

      Lekise has light bulbs available at dealers nationwide. To help increase the convenience for customers from branches near home.


  • Fast after-sales service After-sales care throughout the product warranty period.

      Lekise has a team of experts ready to give advice on product matters in detail. Both about installation usage or even other knowledge electricity to customers Throughout the product warranty period to help plan energy savings to be worth the investment. And reduce the burden of electricity for homes, residences and businesses of customers.


      Lekise pays attention to every step of production. In order to get a good product and full of quality like this.

Choose to buy bulbs next time. Must think the light bulb from Lekise.


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