Open the secret! Why do customers choose to use Lekise's bulbs?

"Lekise, a light bulb factory I have been with Thai people for more than 55 years."
  • Assured product quality With quality inspection through Lighting testing & Laboratories.
  • Research and develop new products that can meet the needs of customers
  • Focus on energy conservation products, save electricity, save costs.
  • One Stop Lighting Service
  • Production control in a factory certified by international standards ISO 9001:2015 and environmental management standards ISO 14001:2015.
Quality product service from Lekise have a variety of channels
  • Leading department stores across the country such as HomePro, Global House, Do Home, SCG Home Solutions, etc.
  • dealer stores nationwide
  • Project market customers
  • OBM OEM to produce products under your brand
Fast after-sales service Instant product delivery
Confident, reliable, over 55 years of experience in lighting products.
Contact for information via any channel
Line ID : @lekisegroup or
LeKise : accepting distributors and manufacturing OEM products
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