LED HIGH WATT SMOOTH GEN 2 illuminates all areas

The sales are not great, maybe because it's not bright enough Try to switch to LED HIGH WATT SMOOTH GEN 2 to illuminate all areas of use. New product from Lekise. Help you save money in your pocket, install only 1 bulb, brightness up to 270 degrees, plus save energy because it is an LED bulb.
Used to replace energy-saving CFL bulbs.
Choose to use high quality LEDs from abroad
The cover is injection molded with polycarbonate for high light transmittance and eye comfort.
The tube body is formed by aluminum covered with plastic, excellent heat dissipation.
It has a color accuracy of more than 80.
If you want great sales, choose to use LED HIGH WATT SMOOTH GEN 2.
Watt options: 30 watts, 50 watts.
Choose from multiple locations: flea markets, garages, corridors, stockrooms, and more.
Shop today at: Home pro, Global house, Dohome, SCG home all branches nationwide.
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