I have it for sure Do not be afraid of the power outage, LED EMERGENCY LIGHT – ECO when there is a fire emergency. electricity in office buildings Or the accommodation is off!!
not available makes us see things inside the building is not clear such as the exit door or obstruction in the corridor It can cause an accident!!
This problem will be gone. Just install an emergency backup light LED EMERGENCY LIGHT – ECO gives you peace of mind. Because it gives brightness as soon as the power goes out.
increase security and the survival rate when there is an unexpected emergency.
Comes with superior features
- Choose to use high quality LED Ship (COB), saving 4 times more energy than halogen bulbs.
- Aluminum heatsink case Good heat dissipation, no rust.
- There is a MCU system to control the use of the battery to not run out of charge. and charge not to overcharge
- Check the normality of the battery. and warn when abnormal There is a status indication via LED.
- Surge protection with MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor)
- With automatic battery test function
- The lamp body can be rotated around 180 degrees, convenient to use.

Certified by TIS. 1955-2551, available in 2 sizes, 2x6w and 2x9w.
Suitable for use in office buildings, residences, shopping malls, shops, or other buildings.

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