This summer, if you don't want to worry about the electricity bill. just change as follows It will save you a lot more.

1. Change to use equipment labeled with energy-saving 5 standards that can be confident in energy savings.

2. Turn on the air conditioner. Keep it at a temperature of 25-27 degrees, saving energy. because the compressor will work less Compared to opening the air conditioner at low temperatures As a result, the air conditioner consumes less power.

3. Switch to use LED bulbs (LED) instead of incandescent bulbs, in addition to saving energy. Another outstanding feature is that it produces better light than incandescent bulbs. It also saves money in your pocket. because it has a longer lifespan than incandescent bulbs

4. Switch to Photo Switch, a sunlight switch, a helper to control the on-off. auto brightness Save energy by turning off light bulbs when not needed. No worries about electricity bills. and safety while we are not at home

5. Switch to solar cells In areas where lights need to be on all night, such as garages, hallways, front lights, etc., to increase your savings in the long run. Invest, change once, use the electricity bill 0.- for a long time

This summer, don't worry about the electricity bill. Just change and save with Lekise, don't forget! Always unplug the power plug after use. because as long as it remains plugged in That electrical appliance will continue to consume electricity. It makes electricity cost expensive as before.