Ever wondered if Why do some light bulbs have energy saving label No. 5! Some light bulbs are missing? Lekise today I will bring you to solve this doubt.
As many people know, LED bulbs will help save more electricity bills. consume less energy Importantly, the light from the LED bulb.
It also helps to take care of the eyes more than the old bulbs as well. For this reason, LED bulbs are widely used today.
           Although LED bulbs will save more energy, it's true. But why some LED bulbs do not have energy saving label No. 5? The answer is because before LED bulbs can pass the energy-saving criteria until they are guaranteed with the No. 5 electricity-saving label from the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand or EGAT, they must go through several inspection steps. so that consumers can use quality light bulbs that are safe and can really help save electricity

for the lamp testing stage Let's have a look.

- LED tubes will be sent to test 10 tubes per model, every tube must pass many tests such as Electricity consumption or power (wattage) of the lamp must be in accordance with the manufacturer's notification.

- Safety test, color temperature (CCT), controlling the amount of blue light (Blue Light) not to harm the retina.

- The lamp must maintain the brightness value (Lumen) according to the criteria even though it is tested by continuously turning on for more than 1,000 hours.

But did you know that ? In addition to switching to LED light bulbs will help you save more energy. Choosing the right LED bulb like KLASSIC LED A60 SHAPE BULB No. 5

3 stars can also help increase energy saving for you in another way. Next time, Lekise will bring some good information to leave again. Press and follow.

final tips The energy saving label No. 5 divides the energy efficiency level into 4 levels.
By observing from the stars on the label, the more stars, the more energy saving. Each level can save electricity bills by an average of 5 -10%.

Thank you for good information from: EGAT, Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand
Read more information: EGAT.Official