#Shop well, have a night 2566 has started!!

Just shop Lekise products. Tax deduction up to 40,000.-!!

Such as downlight lamps, recessed lamps, LED lamps and more than 300 items !!

Used to deduct personal income tax as actually paid, divided into 2 parts as follows

1. Purchase goods or services, not more than the first 30,000 baht, use the full tax invoice. Both paper

/ e-Tax Invoice / e-Receipt

2. Purchase of goods or services in an amount not exceeding 10,000.- can only use electronic tax invoices.

or e-Tax Invoice /e-Receipt electronic receipt only

From today - February 15, 2023 only, you can shop for Lekise products at leading department stores

Global House, Home Pro, Do home.and dealers nationwide that can issue a tax invoice

*Conditions are as specified by the government*

Read more details here.


2. https://www.rd.go.th/27208.html