LeKise (Lekise), a specialist in the manufacture of all types of light poles such as high-mass poles, straight poles, single-branched poles, double-branched poles, and others are confident with products and services. with more than 55 years of lighting experience be trusted from public and private sectors, more than 300 projects

Government reasons And the private sector chooses to use LeKise.

1. Produce light poles with high quality, strong steel.
2. Received TIS 2316-2549 standard
3. Manufacturing plant in Thailand Certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
4. Certified MiT (MADE IN THAILAND) from the Federation of Thai Industries
5. Manufacture of special poles according to customer requirements. (made-to-order)
6. There is a team of experts to recommend lighting design before installation.
7. Nationwide delivery service, fast and on schedule
8. Free consultation service There is a straight answer to the question.

LeKise (Lekise) pays attention to every production. so that you can get a good product and full of quality until delivery.