"ERC" knocked on the Ft to increase for the business sector, according to the NEPC's resolution for the period of Jan. - Apr. 23, at Ft 190.44 satang/unit or 5.69 baht/unit, an increase of almost 1 baht from the price. original !! Encountering this, the business sector must quickly turn to adjust the electricity consumption plan. pay attention to energy saving by looking for alternative energy like solar cells that will help convert solar energy into electricity Uncle invested once but can be used for a long time. Or can choose to save easily by switching to LED bulbs to replace traditional fluorescent bulbs Less watts, more savings.

                As for the household sector, the price remained the same, 93.43 satang/unit, representing the electricity cost that had to be paid at 4.72 baht/unit, although the household sector remained the same price. But the electricity bill tends to increase continuously.
We should look for ways to save electricity to cope. with simple methods such as changing to use LED bulbs to replace traditional neon bulbs or choosing to use light bulbs with energy saving mark 5
If any point is used only during the night, light sensors can be used to help control the on-off, such as front lights or walkway lights. Or if you want to save electricity bills to 0 baht
can be used as solar cell lamp Replace the use of electricity just like this, it will help you save quite a bit on electricity bills.

Thank you for the information from: Krungthep Turakij page