No problem, piercing the wrong size blemish!! Not suitable for recessed downlights have to waste time looking for a lamp that fits the ceiling that has been drilled
This problem will be gone, just use the LED SLIM DOWNLIGHT model EASYSLIDE that comes with spring legs at the back. Can be adjusted according to the ceiling holes
With a hole size of 2-4 inches / 9 watts, 2-6 inches / 15 watts, 2-8 inches / 20 watts, no matter how much you drill holes smaller than the lamp.
Use LED SLIM DOWNLIGHT EASYSLIDE model that can be adjusted to match the size of the ceiling. It can be installed easily.

Just 5 steps as follows

1. Connect the house wiring to the LED Driver that comes with the product. and check that the wires are connected properly and that they are strong

2. Connect Connector to the product.

3. Adjust the spring leg to match the ceiling hole that has been drilled.

5. Lift the spring lock legs up on both sides, push the product up to attach to the ceiling. The spring pin will automatically lock itself.

9W, 15W and 20W options
Two lighting options are DAYLIGHT and WARM WHITE light.
The problem of drilling holes in the ceiling that exceeds the size of the LED SLIM DOWNLIGHT EASYSLIDE model will help solve the problem for you.