Bundle items to open a flea market shop. for new traders

New merchants who are starting out Open a shop in the flea market To create additional income from regular
work or want to make it your main occupation In addition to having equipment used for sales,
There must also be important equipment necessary. Must be used to open a store as well.
Today LeKise will introduce a cool item. For new traders Opening a shop atthe flea
market Let's see what there will be.

1. Selling things in flea markets

No matter what type of sale In addition to arranging the storefront beautifully Storefront lighting is also important.
Because the brightness will help attract customers very well. No matter how beautiful our storefront is,
But the lighting in front of the store is not enough. Customers may not notice your store.Therefore,
you should choose light bulbs that are bright and wide. The important thing is to save electricity
and use it for a long time, such as Capella light bulbs, which can be said to be the most popular light bulbs at
flea market stores. Because it saves electricity It's also bright and wide without having to install many lights.


2. Decorating the store using colors and lighting

It is important for food stores. because of light and color It can help make your food more appetizing.
Example of a shop that sells grilled squid Maybe put some green vegetables next to the squid.
To add color and use CFL light bulbs to add light to make food more appetizing as well.


3. Preparing the raw materials

Restaurants in the market need to have ingredients ready. to be used in various menus
It's convenient and fast.When customers order foodMoreover, the raw materials are arranged in a beautiful way.
It will help create interest in your store.But bringing raw materials to display in front of the shopThe problem that
restaurants must faceis Insects invade the raw materials.If we aren't careful Insects can fall into the food
we serve to customers. May cause customers to be dissatisfied and never come back to buy products at
our store again. LeKise recommends using the BugTube, an insect repellent light bulb with yellow light.
Just turn it on and the insects will fly away.


4. Format of setting up shop in flea markets

Currently there are many formats. both in stall form Product display booth andthe type of setting up a shop on a car
that is popular right now Because it is convenient to move the store and convenient for opening and closing the store,
but selling products on the vehicle or setting up a stall-style shop It is necessary to use electricity to cook food.
or to add light to the store Equipment that will help connect electricity to your shop.need to be strong Impact
resistantHigher heatresistance than normal power strips Because if the power plug is not up to standard or uses
more power than the plug can accept It may cause an electric shock and be dangerous to customers.LeKise
therefore recommends using a rubber block instead of a power strip. Because the functionality is
more comprehensive, safer and stronger than that.


5. Keeping food hot all the time

Vendors selling food such as rice with curry, fried food, or grilled food.
All of the above mentioned foods must be heated at all times. If the food is too coldWhen customers take it to eat
It may cause the taste of the food to change.Many restaurants therefore choose to turn on cooking gas to keep food
warm all the time. But what follows is Increased costs from having to fill up gas often.
LeKise would like to introduce a solution that will help you save more than before.is the choice of
incandescent light bulbs Helps add heat to food. Just use it and leave it in the cabinet. or directly to the food you prepared only

How are you? For the good information that LeKise has brought together today,
we hope it will be useful to new sellers.Opening a shop at the flea market.