It's important to create a point of attraction for a restaurant. If our restaurant can make an impression from the moment customers open the door. It will help increase the sales of the store as well.
Today, Lekise introduces 4 items that the restaurant should not miss.

1. If you run a restaurant I can't deny that The lights help create the atmosphere of the store. To look warm and friendly.
by the lighting that restaurants often choose to use is warm white light and cool white light In addition to helping to create an atmosphere It also helps to make food look more appetizing as well.
In addition to welcoming customers food preparation tidiness and cleanliness in the store It is also important.
If you choose to use warm white light and cool white light all the time. may be able to see the resolution of that job Not as clear as daylight
How good would it be to have a light bulb that can adjust up to 3 lights in one bulb? It also helps the shop save money.
In the purchase of lamps to install multiple lights as well, "MAGIC MIX LED 3IN1 COLOR" lamps that can adjust 3 light in a single lamp.
Recommended for general restaurants. a la carte restaurant or a modern restaurant

2. One thing that is indispensable on an important day is to decorate the place with light bulbs at various points To create an atmosphere in the shop and the area around the shop to be more lively. whether it is a decoration of lights The entrance to the shop, the ceiling or arranged as a photo corner. To attract customers to take photos, reviews, to promote the shop itself. to make the store known to new customers more For the popular light bulbs that are used to decorate the shop is the Ping Pong bulbs. They are small and have a variety of colors to choose from. Suitable for cafes Retro style restaurant (Pork Krad) Or a restaurant with an outdoor zone that wants to make the customer's weekday become an important day.

3. If you run an industrial loft-style restaurant or cafe, or a Japanese restaurant like Ichi-Meshi, Ichi-Meshi lamps are like a piece of furniture to decorate your shop. That will help create a Mood & Tone atmosphere in the shop to match the concept. It is recommended to choose metal lamps. Or focus on silver and black like a floating downlight. cylindrical shape It goes well with the design of industrial loft-style stores. or will be used to decorate Modify the atmosphere in your restaurant. to create novelty for existing customers

4. How good will it be? if your customers You can enjoy your favorite meals without interruption. and was happy throughout the meal without having to sit and call the shop staff To check the problem of the stove that goes out during eating or the dissatisfaction of the stove that is unevenly heated and causes a long wait To prevent these problems with customers are:
Peripheral focus like a Lekise rubber block Better heat resistance than power strips. Constantly supplying power, strong, resistant to impact, meets TIS standards.

Suitable for use with grilling, shabu, or restaurants with outdoor zones.