Rubber blocks or field plugs It is a peripheral device suitable for doing outdoor activities or doing mechanic work such as steel welding, grinding work, wood cutting. The main feature of the rubber block is be strong Not easily broken when falling from a height. Because there is a thick rubber covering the socket to be able to withstand impact well. Makes it meet the needs of professional technicians as well.  Choosing a rubber block to use must consider the quality of the product first Because currently there are many brands of rubber blocks to choose from. There are both cheap to expensive prices.
But if looking for a "rubber block" with a price that is not as strong as TIS standards, you must give "Rubber Block Lekise" distributed by a Thai company that has been in business for more than 54 years. Under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, you can be confident in product standards. and product safety
Lekise rubber block has a strong, durable, high quality structure that can be used in all conditions and will not rust. The socket outlet is qualified under IEC60884-1 standard.
It has a cable clamp that is resistant to surges. The socket is TISI 166-2549 standard, the power cord is real copper, meets the TIS 11 standard, book 5-2553, the TIS 2432-2555 standard.
Available in both blank rubber blocks and rubber blocks with cables.
          Lekise has a wide selection of rubber blocks to choose from as follows 

1. 4x4 tire block with socket

2. 2X4 rubber block with socket

3. Rubber block 2x4, dual ground socket, 3 m power cable.

4. Rubber block 2x4, dual ground socket, 5 m power cable.

5. Rubber block 2x4, dual ground socket, power cable 10 m.

          Choose quality rubber blocks. Choose "Lekise Rubber Blocks" that are strong and durable, ready to fight with you in every situation.