The sun is a natural resource that illuminates various areas. that need light without having to pay If we can take advantage of sunlight It will save a lot of electricity ever.
As we all know, this natural light will be gone during the night We therefore have to rely on light from incandescent lamps instead. But using the light from the lamp causing the cost of electricity bills that follow
          LeKise introduces the “LED solar street light” lamp, a solar street light. with brightness and motion sensors Helper to increase the light around the house or a walking street at night You don't have to pay for electricity because "LED solar street light" charges from solar energy. to convert into electrical energy that can illuminate the night even without the light of the sun Installed once, cost-effective, durable, can be used for a long time IP65 waterproof and dustproof, you can install it outside without worry.

feature :

Operate by remote control with brightness and motion sensor function

at night The lamp will automatically turn on at 20% brightness and when motion is detected within 6-8 meters, the lamp will automatically adjust the brightness to 100%.
And if no movement is detected for about 30 seconds, the lamp will automatically adjust the brightness back to 20% to save energy.

The illumination duration is more than 12 hours* (if during the day the sunlight is less foggy or frequent rain There is dirt on the panel Maybe the panel can store less energy)

Watt options:

Power 50 watts, white light, brightness 750 lumens.

Power 100 watts, white light, brightness 1500 lumens.

How to use the remote

Turn off with OFF button

Turn on with Auto-Dim button (20 % brightness level automatically)

Turn on 100% bright light for 2 hours with the 2H button, then return to Auto-Dim mode.

Turn on 100% brightness for 4 hours with the 4H button, then return to Auto-Dim mode.

Turn on 100% brightness for 6 hours with the 6H button, then return to Auto-Dim mode.

Turn on 100% bright light mode. The lamp will light up at night until the battery runs out with the Full Bright button.

Instructions for use:

Solar street lamps should be installed in an area that receives full sunlight at all times. to be able to use at least 12 hours

Do not modify or use with non-standard equipment. or use more than specified in the product manual.

Avoid areas with high heat or strong impact.

Be careful not to break or damage the solar panel.

Clean the solar panel when there is dust. for efficient operation of solar panels

Free : lamp post, steel anchor x 4, hex wrench, remote control With 2 x AAA batteries

installation method

Fix the pole with steel anchors at all 4 points on the desired installation location by choosing to install in the area where the sunlight shines.

Turn all 4 bolts to remove the pillar lock from the product.

Attach the lamp to the pole with the pole lock with all 4 bolts.

test the operation of the lamp battery storage