What will come with the rainy season is mosquitoes and insects that interfere with your activities. It may not be suitable for people allergic to smoke. Will use a spray for repelling mosquitoes. There may be residual chemicals or a bad smell. If using the method of sitting and slapping, it is inconvenient to do activities. Will switch to using a mosquito swatter, it may be harmful to children.
Lekise ​introduces a new innovation of mosquito repellent. No need to slap, no need to hit, convenient and safe because it uses "LED lamp T8 BUGTUBE - 2in1".
Can repel mosquitoes up to a radius of about 2-6 meters using yellow coating technology. that has the property of not attracting mosquitoes and insects to the activated area
The tube turns on immediately. with lamp holder, non-flammable properties Change up to 2 colors in one bulb (Daylight & Yellow Light) just by turning on-off the switch.
1. Daylight: Use when you need natural light-like lighting. helps to see clearly and also gives a feeling of bright helps to stay active and feel awake
2. Yellow light: can be switched to when insects or mosquitoes start to bother during your activities.
The working principle of the mosquito repellent lamp is The mosquito repellent lamp is coated in yellow. It is a coating technology that does not contain UV light waves, giving a wavelength that is longer than that of conventional lamps. The length of the wave is about 560-590 nanometers (nm.), which the wavelength is difficult to see by mosquitoes or some insects. and change the direction of flight to play with the general light bulb Will not fly close to the active yellow light bulb. Makes when turning on the LED lamp T8 BUGTUBE - 2in1, we will not have to face the problem of mosquitoes or insects that bother itself.
In addition to choosing a light bulb to help repel mosquitoes. Another important thing is to take care of your home so that it doesn't cause mosquitoes or other insects. is to get rid of waterlogged spots, get rid of overgrown grass
Eliminate damp corners The area inside the house is recommended to install more screens. In the area of ​​the house or around the balcony, garden corner, garage
Recommend to install LED mosquito repellent lamp T8 BUGTUBE - 2in1 for your family members to be safe.