Higher electricity bills may not be the result of using too much electricity alone. But it may be caused by leaving the light on. Especially lamps or light bulbs that are outside the building.

How good is it? If there is a helper to turn on-off the light for us on a daily basis automatically Don't worry about the electricity bill and safety issues while we are not at home

              Lekise would like to introduce Photo Switch, a light switch that controls on-off. auto brightness A helper to make your daily life easier.

increase safety and saves energy by turning off the lamp when not in use The working principle of Photo Switch is

Light Sensor A light switch is used for controlling the bulbs that want to turn on automatically at night. and automatically switch off during daytime

              Suitable for installation in fence gate lamp Entrance lights, courtyard lights, walkway lights around the house, garage, etc. by 1 Photo Switch

Can be installed with many lamps Observed from the size of the amp of that type of lamp. If it does not exceed the amp size of the Photo Switch, it can also be installed with many lamps.

installation method

Position the device with a metal plate and tighten the mounting screws.

Install the device with the clear plastic side facing down.

Precautions for use

Install the device in a location where natural light is not obstructed. or light from a lamp

Wiring Connections Black is the power supply input / white is the common wire between power input and output.

           The red wire is the power wire to the lamp.

Cut off the electrical system before installing the equipment. or maintenance

Photo Switch LeKise meets all functions. give you convenience